the world-cultural-heritage

das Weltkulturerbe 2024

Introducing our Team of Helpers....

Who knows what will happen to us humans!

Caution is always better than indulgence, because there are always and through every human being correlations, also especially through the medical art on humans!

A Mess!

A man considers beforehand what he can answer for and not only when all the dangerous nonsense will come back as a bill!

The photo shows a living cross-breeding attempt between a pig and a human being!

This out-of-touch Societies belong on the Pot!

Does it really have to be, and did it have to be, that so many people have to embark on the perilous escape routes?

But now enough is enough with the waste of time, which soon can no longer be absorbed!

The political Punch and Judy show is finally running alongside, whereby the called men and few called women (diplomats) will please line up accordingly by setting up the worldwide form of government as an intended monarchy under King Juergen and become capable of acting!

Must and did it really have to be that so many people have to embark on the perilous escape routes?

Without real and firm foundations, no human being can and may dispose of others and thus not rule. Without a form of government that embodies true power, it cannot and will not work!

Conclusion: You and others finally come to your senses!

You are not the decision-makers in the matter, you are the recipients of orders who are responsible, among other things, for the smooth implementation in the matter and in the order!